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In addition to various transitions and folding walls we offer:

  1. Glass partitions for both home and office
  2. Glass partitions
  3. Glass solutions (Showcases, railings, smart glasses)

Movable soundproof manual and semi-automatic partitions

Movable partitions allow us to change the layout of our rooms. Wherever different groups of people need space, HUFCOR moving walls are an inexpensive solution to avoid cost increases.
Certified sound insulation up to 57 dB RWP
EI30 fire protection and automatic locking.

MoViSTA fully glazed panels

Transparent movable walls represent a modern generation of movable wall technology that brings together high transparency and sound insulation. Can be combined with full wall panels.
Certified sound insulation up to 47 dB RWP
With automatic locking
Optional blinds – all functions are remotely controlled

Movable glass wall partitions

Typical G3000 movable glass wall partitions are diverse in today’s contemporary and sophisticated architecture. They provide transparency and freely accessible lighting. For example, in shopping malls, entertainment centres, bank lobby, hotels and restaurants. Glass wall partitions converge in almost every area.